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Top 10 games I coudn't bring myself to finish

Over the Years I have accumulated hundreds of games, most of which I have played. From RPGs and FPS to Sports and puzzle games. I try to go into all games with more of an open mind so that I can try my best to experience the game the way the creator tried to envision. Sometimes it hits hard and sometimes they fizzle out because the vision wasn't there or they got off track. I always try to at least finish the games but there are a few that I can't finish, either because I can't be bothered to, or because they just aren't worth finishing.

1- Most Souls Borne

Most Soulsborne games won't be finished in this Castle without external forces. The games are just difficult enough that I want to play them for the challenge but when I step away from them for any length of time it becomes so impenetrable that I have to restart the game form the beginning to regain my bearings. Eventually we'll stream them together just to add it to the completed wall of games.

2- Watch Dogs

Aiden is the main reason for me to play the game but he's not good enough to keep me invested for the almost 30 hours runtime of Watch Dogs. I cannot be bothered to be interested in the open world hacker gameplay of the first Watch Dogs let alone its two sequels. I may play this on a Stream just to say I finished it but in my spare time or even record offline, I cannot be bothered

3- Home Front the Revolution

Even though I played and enjoyed the Homefront on the PS3 like 10 years ago, the sequel just wasn't it for me. Seemed like a great game at first but it kind of lost me after like 3 hours. It introduced generic open world mechanics with nothing new to offer. So it felt like it copied Tom Clancy style games and just left it at that. Nothing new or innovative from what I played. And since I didn't remember a lot from the first game the story felt like it was missing something as well. So this is also being added to the stream list.

4-Kingdom Hearts 3

When I finally got a hold of my copy of this game during the midnight release in 2019 I was so exited. 13 year of waiting for a true continuation of the story I enjoyed, I was hyped. Then after the inevitable day 1 update I was thrown into KH 3. Or so I thought. I was actually thrown into Kingdom Hearts 2.9, the prequel sequence to Sora's return. And that was just the beginning of the disappointments. From the copy/paste Frozen and Tangled worlds, to the ridiculous attraction themes "special attacks", this was so disappointing I uninstalled the game after about 8 hours and haven't touched it since. But soon I'll give it another try since it's been about 4 years.

5-Most stealth oriented games

Games like Splinter Cell, Alien Isolation, Hitman, and Metal Gear Solid have never truly captured my attention from a gameplay perspective. The stories and narratives were interesting enough for me to look up the stories individually but never actually experience them through proper gaming mediums. My wife enjoys this style of game so she is in charge of giving her opinions when I need information from experience.


My first strategy game that I've gotten with every PlayStation since PS3 I just can't get all the way through these games to completion in a reasonable amount of time. I end up in the Soulsborne conundrum where when I step away for to long I've forgotten how to play and have to start over, then the cycle starts over again. One day we'll get through it on a stream maybe, but not now.

7- Nom nom Galaxy

This game was cute for quite a bit, I just lost interest after a while. The game was simple enough, use your little buzz saw to acquire ingredients and use them to make canned food. Easy, until we started adding machines, exploration upgrades, enemies that require more effort to kill, etc. the game got more complicated then I was willing to accept and so it was retired to the indie shelf with Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight and The Binding of Isaac.

8- Monster Hunter

There's no end in sight for these games. It just becomes a grind that I'm not always in the mood for. I turn on Monster Hunter: World every year when the itch come backs and I play it obsessively for a few months and then I retire it again until next year. I plan on buying Monster Hunter: RISE and play it instead of MHW but until then I'm good.

9- DeadCell

This 2-D Souls-like CastleVania indie Diamond is so unbelievably interesting I want to keep playing it until I beat it, but I'm not one to continually throw my face at a brick wall and wonder why my face hurts. I'm not saying the challenge isn't worth it, but I don't have the space to play it anymore. My kid is constantly around trying to watch me play so I can't rage at the game and when I play at night after she's gone to bed its time for the house to start winding down as well and I still can't play it without wanting to yell and thrash around on the couch in frustration. So it has been shelves for the time being

10-Enter The Gungeon

Kind of the same thing with DeadCell in that I don't have the proper space to rage at this simple to play, hard to master type game. This game is super fun and interesting mechanically, I just don't have the space to fully enjoy it in the manner I would like.

special mention Fury Unleashed

The story is cool, the gameplay is cool, the weapon systems are cool, but the art style is unique. Reminds me of Comix Zone back in the day even with the "gratuitous" violence on display. But for some reason I just couldn't be bothered to keep playing once I hit the last comic in the line up. The random difficulty spikes thanks to the randomized weapon drops, since its a rouge-like, either gas me up or annoy me. So it's being shelved until either I've matured enough to like it or someone pays me to play it again.

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