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So I'm playing Kingdom Hearts again

So I'm playing Kingdom Hearts again and it's a wild thing to realize some things about the game. It's crazy that 20 years, the House of mouse teamed up with the at the time RPG King and the now anime pretty sword boy king, Square Enix to give us a strange fever dream of a story. Kingdom hearts, released in 2002, is a story starts with a boy finding his friends and and ends with him supposedly saving the a mini-Disneyverse and what's left of a few Final Fantasy games from annihilation by darkness

As a 7 year old I had no idea what I was getting into when my mom picked up this game. Just imagine little me getting handed a stack of games from Playstations Greatest Hits because there was a sale at Circuit City. I had no idea what this game was, and I barely recognized the characters from the case, besides Goofy.

So here I am playing this wild game and since it was my first RPG I was really confused about the Final Fantasy style elements. but after about 3-4 months and 70 hours in game hours I finally beat the game. Brimming with pride I told my mom and showed her the scrolling credits and when she asked me "So what was it about?" And then I realized aside from how I started this post, I had no idea. I saved Disney princesses, and Alice, and beat all the bad guys. But the underlaying story had eluded me for years. Doubly so when Kingdom Hearts 2 came out.

So I will be recording and streaming my attempts at a 100% and the Platinum trophy for the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Final Mixes. Some of the trophies I still need include

  • All Keyblades

  • All Staves

  • All Shields

  • Complete on Proud

  • Complete in 15 hours

  • Get to lvl 100

And along the way to my Platinum I'll come to my own conclusion about the story because there seems to be a variety of synopsis's on the internets.

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