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This Week in the Keep I

Music Monday

Purple Rain by Prince

2 Reasons by Trey Songz feat T.I.

Everytime The Beat Drop by Dem Franchise Boys

Not Afraid by Eminem

I Want U by DAEHGO

Gaming Focus: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix

This week we're playing, talking and memeing Kingdom Hearts 1 and 1.5 remix. From the absurd idea that this game is more then 20 years old, to how the game holds up.

Anime Focus: Goblin Slayer

This Week we will be Watching Goblin Slayer Season 1. It's a wild looking show with enough gore degeneracy in 4 hours that will set me for a week or 2.

Video of the Week: Dj IMarkkeyz Work it Baby

In a time where negativity is the new normal, here comes DJ IMarkkeyz with the good vibes from remixes a talkative baby and a classic Missy Elliot song. The remix was so good it caught the attention of Miss Demeanor herself and was cosigned and shared by the beloved artists.

Streaming: God of War: Ragnarök

With the release of the Valhalla DLC expansion, we're all heading back to God of War: Ragnarök to see what's new. But here in the Castle we will be starting for the beginning of this acclaimed sequel. I am extremely excited to see how this story will progress and to see this "love letter to the fans" Keep hearing about.

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