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This Year In The Keep

Goals for CY24

  • Music Monday

  • Streaming schedule

  • Throwback Thursday Storytime

  • Anime time\ NFT Nerd Folks Time

So in the New Year of 2024 or CY3 (Castle Year 3) we will be aiming for a more consistent release schedule for our video content and website content like this blog post and other types of post that hopefully will translate well to short form content and can open the door to a longer formatted video. The main set of content I intend on putting out is recommendations for music, anime, conversation topics, etc.

Music Monday will be dropped down to 5 songs. Nerd Folks Time will be the bulk of the random content. Focusing on random nerdy/pop culture relevant topic and products I've either purchased or made. And on the more productive side I plan on doing so historical dives and reporting on them on this blog or on our YouTube channel.

The Castle GADJI twitch and YouTube channels as well as socials will be more active this year. The goals for the channels are 20 followers and 1000 subs respectively for the channels and 1000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, X and Tiktok. A perfect challenge indeed for the story I plan on crafting for all of the community to participate and enjoy.

I plan on adding a more personal touch to my content with some Throwback Thursdays and some Storytime Sunday dispersed throughout the months. As I get older I would also like to encapsulate some memories from my youth to use as lessons for my children and the young people who will inevitably to my content.

I fully intend to use all the tools at my disposal like my 3D prints, laser engravers, wood working equipment, etc. to generate a unique variety of content. It will also be good practice for me on the photography front to try and actually capture the processes of making these products I hope to eventually be able to sell or give away to make room for more creations.

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