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Maker Log for Clan tab #1

"Since I have been reviewing mobile games I have come to the realization that I don't necessarily have people to play some of the games I like with and playing with random people is a communicative challenge. So can you design a means to make my own clan with all the random hardware that's just laying around the Castle." - Signed G.

Yeah G came by and wanted a tablet sized "thing" to be able to use multiple mobile devices at once. So Maker got to making.

Clan Tab V1: Slablet

Version 1 of the Clan tab is going to be a slab with boxes routed out of it. The charger ports will be drilled and the cables will run through the dividing channels and sent to the back to a composite charging block. The main charging bank will be a USB-C ported power bank (because I have alot) and the phone slots will be ventilated.

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