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Is Monster Hunter World worthy of the top shelf

These last couple of week I've been knee deep in Monster Hunter World to the point where I'm trying to squeeze in "just one more" hunt before bed. So now the questions come up: Is it good? Is it Worth getting a 4 year old game when there's a newer game, i.e. Monster Hunter Rise? Where does it rank in the action RPG and action adventure categories in The Castle?

Well we'll start with is it good? Yeah its a good Action RPG as far as I know. In the style of hunt big monster for parts and materials to make better gear to hunt bigger monster, (with a story), Yes it's great. Other like it include God Eater by Bandai Namco, Toukiden by Koei Tecmo, and Dauntless by Phoenix labs.

Is it worth getting? Yes. I Bought this game in 2018 and then got the Icebourne expansion in July. But it's free if you have PS Plus for the PS4 and Ps5. If your looking to play it on PC its $60 on Steam for Monster Hunter World: Icebourne Master Edition, which is the base game and the Icebourne expansion. I believe if you play solo and are interested in a grindy kind of I think its a good game. If your looking for a game to play with friends and you are pretty organized and can communicate, but don't want the PvP aspect than I believe this is it. Now in comparison to the more recently released Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion Sunbreak, I haven't tried it yet but I hear it is an improvement at least on PC.

If I had to rank MHWI it'd take my top spot for Action RPG for monster hunting but just be thrown on the top 10 action RPG pile until I can rank them properly, but its definitely in the top 10 and it's in my top 25. Soon I'll delve into these other worlds in better detail to create a better compare and contrast.

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