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ARK: Survival Evolved Vs. Conan Exiles

This month I'm diving into the Action Survival genre with these 2 games and I have to say, I'm kind of feeling these right now. My goal for the month is to see which of these games or any other Survival game will stand a the top of my best games list and which will stand at the top of my worst game list. Other games that i have that I believe would be included in this genre are No Mans Sky, Terraria, Minecraft, Subnatica, The Forest Stranded Deep, and Valheim.

ARK: Survival Evolved was the first game in the genre that I started late last month. I have put in probably 150 hours on Ark between a private server with friends and single player. Dinosaur and Megafauna taming is awesome and the beast battling is hilarious. The Crafting is kind of simple, wood from trees, meat and hide from animals, and stones from rocks. The Survival part of eating and staying hydrated is there but it's not a hindrance to the gameplay. Combat is simple, sling shots, bows and guns to hit stuff over there and swords or spears to hit things in front of you. Taming in the beginning is simple and funny, knockout whatever you want like Dodos and give them berries or meat and wait. But the main thing is it's a hard start. If you don't spawn in the easy spawn zone than you might encounter something you can't fight and be killed and have to start over. I was fortunate to join veterans of the game who already knew how to guide me through the early levels and keep me from rage quitting when I kept dying. As of 11/10/22 I am level 87 with around 40 tamed creatures. I will be making an update series on what new creatures I catch and the new developments.

Conan Exiles has taken 5 hours from me on a stream without me even realizing it. It's a bit more complicated than ARK in my opinion but there is something in there that makes me want to play. The Crafting is pretty straight forward so far. Sticks and wood from trees, stones from rocks, and meat and hide from animals. The Survival aspect is also simple. Eat and drink but no sleep. The Combat system is interesting. Multiple weapons types with there own unique style. Unlike ARK Conan has other humans around, they just want to kill you on sight. I walked over to a person, thinking the game had some dialogue or something, and the guy start attacking me. Taming is still kind of a mystery to me. I believe I need "Thrall" equipment and I have gotten that far yet as of the date of publication. This game is interesting and I will be streaming Conan in the future to continue my "research".

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