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Dead Cells is not bad.

So I started trying to find a good game to play while my kid ran around the living room. A game that I can pause and come back to after I squared away whatever my kid was doing. So far I've come up with Dead cells, Enter the Gungeon, Fury Unleashed and Arcadeageddon. all rouge-like with a "twist".

Dead cells is a 2D roguelike-Metroidvania indie game published by Motion Twin. It's not a complicated game on the surface, two weapons you can use interchangeably and two support items with cool downs. Skill point allocation and unlockables for days. It does the Dark Souls thing by also having a good story if your interested but if your not than whatever, just rip and tear your way through the levels like God intended.

Is this a good game? Yes, its frustratingly difficult at times but is fair and rewarding.

Is it worth buying? YES

Did I\Will I beat it? No I haven't yet and yes I will.

Difficulty? 3 of 5 broken controllers.

The Story so far is you wake up in a dungeon after apparently being beheaded and possess a body that is lying on ground, presumably yours. meet the guard and leave through the dungeon trying to get out and get answers. Once you leave the dungeon, the city and other locales are filled with dead bodies and monsters. You eventually die and wake up back where you started not sure how or why. But the mystery remains as to why this is happening to you, who you are, and what's happening to the city.

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