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Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Review

I have and will always be a huge fan of city building games. I love the idea that it can be stressful at times but not overly demanding. Keeping that in mind, the whole Harvest Moon genre as a whole is pretty much copy paste. In it, we have to till some soil, plant some plants, waster some plants, harvest some plants, maybe sheer a sheep or two and repeat. Once you get the mechanics down it's pretty simple. It is a lot of my fun still, the simplicity of it really speaks to me and I will continue to buy every Harvest Moon game.

I do have a critique however, one of the goals of the game is to eventually be married to one of the 5 people picked out for the characters relationship. I would like to see us be able to pick anyone honestly, but maybe it's just me. It really doesn't make a difference in the game play and if that's the case, it shouldn't matter who we pick regardless who we pick to play as.

Is this a good game? Yes sir.

Is it worth buying? Not at full price. I will not confirm or deny if I bought it at full price.

Did I/Will I finish it? ^Yes, 3rd play through. There isn't really an ending but there is a finale I suppose?

Difficulty? 0 of 5 broken controllers

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