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Is Black Summoner Basic or Next Gen?

So while probing through the anime on my backlog, I found this little gem. When I saw it, I immediately thought it was something like Shield Hero or Misfit of Demon King Academy, but it turn out its more like Reincarnated as a Slime. But the question I kept thinking about to myself is what's the point? Why am I watching this and where on the shelf is this going.

If you watch this as a regular Isekai, sure it's not rocking any boats or anything. The fight scenes go from 2D to that 3D animated models look and its not necessarily bad but its still a bit jarring. The Story is a bit different, guy dies and instead of coming to a new world and dominating it with his modern knowledge, he trades the memories of his past life in order to gain more skill points to put into different abilities RPG style. So he's essentially starting off in the world technically at square one. Does the typical find an adventures guild to make money and an inn to stay at. One by one the main cast is assembled by "lucking" into the chance meetings and being like, you wanna be friends, kind of thing. But the special sauce of the show is he is a Summoner. Summoners of any rank are rare and he is like 1 of 5 in the world, so his class alone is a pretty big deal and by sacrificing his memories he's gained better stats and is all around more OP.

The show in general is not groundbreaking by any stretch, its a nice little 12 episode show that wasn't regretful to watch. The harem isn't creepy the slavery part is a bit weird but not over bearing and the girls are a least likeable if not flat characters. Best character is Gerard the Knight, my guy is solid and loyal.

Is it worth watching? Yes. Its on Crunchyroll

Will I watch it agian? Yes. When I get around to showing it to my wife.

Is this a Next Gen Masterpiece? No not even close.

Where is this going on the Shelf? C tier. Its a great base line to how a story can grow a good character in a fantasy setting and not let them use there modern knowledge to break the world for there convenience.

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