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Anime of the Week: Irregular at Magic High School

This week I watched this older show, and it passes. This magical modernish sci-fi school anime isn't a bad watch. The overall quality definitely warrants another watch with my wife, its only cringe is with the bro-con behavior, but its not constant so I'm grateful for that. The MC is calm and witty enough to not be annoying and the supporting cast is beneficial instead of useless exposition dumps and audience stand-ins. Romance is not the present and the pervy aspects are minute.

In the 2090s we pick up the story with the Shiba siblings, Tatsuya (brother) and Miyuki (sister), starting there first semester at the First high school. The school is segregated by their abilities from the jump into Course 1, those with potentially greater power, and Course 2, those with basic potential. Tatsuya is in Course 2 while his sister is in Course 1. Shenanigans ensue and the siblings continually find themselves embroiled in trouble.

2 seasons of good watching and not to much filler.

Final Grade: Worth it.

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