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Anime Sorting Criteria part 1

In order to properly sort and categorize the things I've watched, I'm developing a Sorting and ranking system. Genre, tone, level of comfort and stress/suspense and intrigue, thing like that. So for example:

Drug Store in Another World - The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist.

Genre: Isekai/Slice of Life.

Tone: Light and funny.

Comfort: 5 of 5

Stress: 0 of 5

Dub? Yes only on Crunchyroll

Rewatch? Yes


Akame ga Kill


Tone: Heavy

Comfort: 0 of 5

Stress: 5 of 5

Dub? Yes

Rewatch? absolutely not

One show is a nice light-hearted show and the other is a depressing dreg through death. Both good shows but I wont watch Akame again. Once was definitely enough for me. But going forward

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