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This Week in the Keep

In the Third week of November, we've returned and compiled the topics and points of interest for The Keep.

Songs of the Week:

1) I Want the Smoke by GameboyJones ft. Dedboii Kez

2) Mob and Reigen by Shwabadi x Breeton Boi


4) Red Flags by Tom Cardy ft. Montaigne

5) SUMMERTIME by Marc Rebillet

6) Bloodshot by Sam Tinnesz

7) Murder in my Mind by Kordhell

8) Black Air Force Energy by DizzyEight

9) One More Time by Marc Rebillet

10) Your New Morning Alarm by Marc Rebillet

And a new addition to the weekly roundup is the Mobile Game of the Week.

Mobile Game of the Week: Shop Titans

Game of the Week: Harvest Moon

Anime of the Week: Angel Beats

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