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This Week in the Keep

For the first week of December we will be doing things a bit differently. Same format will be here for the most part it's just going to have something else added after the fact. The Songs of the Week will be added to the Princess' Playlist

Songs of the Week:

1) Mixed Messages by Tom Cardy

2) Marry You by Bruno Mars

3) Tacos by Little Big

4) Fruit Salad Tom Cardy

5) American Dream by Willie Jones

6) Bite Me by Neffex

7) War by FabvL

8) FYE FYE by Tobe Nwigwe ft. Fat Nwigwe

9) Kiwi by Fukkit

10) Skate by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak

Mobile Game of the Week: Hell Merge

Game of the Week: Valheim

Anime of the Week: The Eminence in Shadow (up to ep 09)

Clip of the week: https://y

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This Week in the Keep

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