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The Songs of the Week

This weeks songs were chosen from my daughters mix. She is starting to get a taste for different types of music. We're only highlighting 10 songs this week that will be added to a Spotify playlist that can be viewed here. Some of the thumbnails below are to the videos that she likes to watch on Youtube and not to the original song. The original song is on the Spotify playlist.

1) Sun and Moon by Anees

2) Mujeriego by Ryan Castro

3) Feeling Good by Michael Buble'

4) The Search by NF

5) Neon Blade by Moondeity

6) Santiana by Jonathon Young Ft. Peyton Parrish, Annapantsu, Colm McGuinness Music, and RichaadEB

7) Wolf Within by Jonathon Young and Caled Hyles

8) I See Fire by Jonathon Young ft. Colm McGuinness Music and Matthew Heafy

9) The Other Side by Caleb Hyles and Jonathon Young

10) World Smallest Violin by AJR

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